St. Mary's Jacobite Syriac Orthodox Church of White Plains.
St. Mary's Jacobite Syriac Orthodox Church of White Plains.
The Malankara Jacobite Syrian Christian Church has an ancient history and its rich traditions are invaluable. We were determined to stay in those traditions and hold on to the torch that was handed over to us through generations by our Holy Fathers and our ever spirited fore-parents. And that determination was the driving force why we, the Jacobite faithful, have organized our own parishes in this land while congregations of other factions were readily available in our neighborhoods. No matter what others say, there is only one church that is orthodoxy, the Universal Syrian Orthodox Church having His Holiness Moran Mor Ignatius Aphrem II as its supreme head on the throne of our Lord's apostle, St. Peter. Under this mother church the Jacobite Syrian Christian Church has been flourishing and nothing ever can deter us from our resolutions. Glory belongs to the Almighty who strengthens our minds and spirits.

Presently about fourty undeterred families are very active at the St. Mary's Jacobite Syriac Orthodox Church of White Plains. The spiritual leadership of our vicar, Rev. Fr. Bijo Mathew, is comparable to none. Our spiritual Organizations are evergreen and their activities are exemplary. Our Archbishop and Patriarchal Vicar, His Eminence Mor Titus Yeldho Pathickal, is a living testimony to our glorious faith and traditions. The affection of His Beatitude Mor Baselios Thomas I, the Catholicose of India will always strengthen us in our spiritual convictions.

Service Currently held at:
101 Pondfield Road West, Bronxville, NY.

Service Schedule On Sundays:
Morning Prayer: 8:30 AM
Holy Qurbono: 9:30 AM

Vicar: Rev. Fr. Bijo Mathew