St. Mary's Jacobite Syriac Orthodox Church of White Plains.
St. Mary's Jacobite Syriac Orthodox Church of White Plains.
Sunday School
Praise the Lord for His abundant blessings on all our children, our Sunday school and our blessed congregation, St. Mary’s Syrian Orthodox Church of White Plains.

Since the inception of our parish back in 1979 we have had a well organized Sunday School. Although, from time to time, we had limited time, space and students, the parents were so keen in keeping our Sunday school running very actively. No matter whether rain or shine, the children are brought by the families into the classes to have them trained as true Christians and to be in firm faith with regard to the doctrines of the Holy Church. We are so proud of the current youth generation of our parish, most of whom are the spiritual offspring of our Sunday school. They all are awesome children. St. Mary’s Sunday School stood tall when its two graduates got ordained as respected Deacons of our Holy Church in 2004. Others are well placed as teachers, accountants, engineers, doctors, various medical and other professionals. Some are leaders and mentors among the youth in our Archdiocese. When watching the strictly adhering altar assistants at the Holy Sanctuary of our church, one can say how deep the traditions and doctrines of the Holy Church rooted in their lives. Sunday school is the early molding place of the faithful.

Our Sunday school children are extremely loyal and they will do anything for the church which in fact is their second home. Our young generation should be given more and more opportunities to get involved in the affairs of the church and archdiocese in order to shape up individuals for the future to lead the Holy Church.

Our beloved late Mr. P. P. Mathew, former headmaster, and our beloved late Mrs. Alice Rajan, both took leading roles in the history of our Sunday school. May the Heavenly Father console those souls in His abode! The uncompromising commitment and leadership of Babu Jacob Nadayil, the present headmaster of St. Mary’s Sunday School, is absolutely a blessing from Above for our future generation.

May the intercession of our Mother St. Mary, our guardians St. George and St. Gregorios be refuge for us.